Our Team





Our Team

Our founding team boasts of extensive experience in life sciences, with combined field expertise of more than 30 years in super-intensive goat farming in New Zealand. The team is spearheading the effort to modernize processes that cultivate high-end mother animal breeds in India.

Our principal founder is a first-generation entrepreneur and has worked across domain like Manufacturing, Sales & Service, Human Resources, etc in India, Qatar and Dubai. We also have an exceptional team of veterinarians who specialize in goat health and animal husbandry.

Combined with the state of the art facilities, our team is dedicated to create an ambiance for modern and sustainable agriculture with viable goat farming practices geared towards maximizing return on investment

our team

An Avenue to increase your Revenue

Equipped with expertise, Mecton Organic Farms offers a one-of-a-kind, risk free investment opportunity to its investors to provide life long return on investment (ROI) with very less seed capital.

 As an investor, you invest in half an acre land worth INR 8 Lakhs with a minimum refundable deposit of INR 3 Lakhs to unleash a life-time return of INR 12,000 every month from the 13th month by leasing your land for the growth of organic green fodder which will be used for goat farming. Rest assured you’ll be getting INR 12,000 per month effortlessly till the end of the lease tenure as agreed mutually.

About Us

Mecton Organic Farms Pvt Ltd is a sister concern of the illustrious Mecton Group of Companies, and since its inception in the year 2005, Mecton Group has established its presence in India, Dubai, and Qatar.

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Mecton Aims

Mecton aims to become a fully-fledged company, nurturing around 50,000 Goats to offer healthy, fresh, and hygienic meat directly in its outlets without any involvement of middlemen.